does age reduce creativity?

wanting to write and being able to write are completely different things now..

that wasnt the case.. words would flow.. they would capture me in the oddest of moments.. not necessarily beautiful words or thoughts to move anyone.. but words nevertheless.. they used to be my friends.. my companions in the solitude ..

now they seem to have de-friended me..

age was easiest to blame.. but maybe it is life..

maybe it is getting caught in this trauma of a daily routine..

of running madly..

not having a dream.. or being afraid to have one..

or finding them too hard to accomplish and just burying them in the sand..

now washed away by the tides..

with no time to look for new ones..


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I still cannot believe I gave up living in this place!! I loved spending Saturday afternoons driving along the coast near Laguna Beach just to be near the ocean, who was my best friend..

Nostalgia can be a downer sometimes..
But look!
Photos taken while on a drive along CA-1, which I maintain is the most beautiful coastline in the world.
I drove for 14 straight hours from LA to San Francisco along this road. To take pictures and feel the ocean breeze in my hair…

Florence – the city that seduced

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Ayushi‘s comment about glorious holidays got me all nostalgic about last year’s Italy visit. I never really wrote a post on the trip. Again because with so much information out there, its hard to think that I can offer anything new. But then it’s also true that everyone sees a place with their own eyes.

So here is Florence as I saw it

We spent 8 days in Florence in the heart of the beautifully rustic Tuscan countryside of Italy. Being on a budget we stayed at a tiny B&B which offered the convenience of being cheap and at a walkable distance to the train station since we traveled to the surrounding cities using Florence as the base.

And Florence is seductive to say the least. It’s old, charming and keeps a smile on your face all through.
But what I fell in love with were the people and their language. I will always remember the loud, vivacious, eager to help and happy set of people chatting away to glory in that sing-song language of theirs 🙂 And they would LOVE that I’d try to converse in broken Italian with them.

It’s a modern city for the people who live there. With fast cars and hamburger joints. This wall belonged to a high school right in the middle of town.

I almost bought myself one of these. Only matters like having money and then shipping to India came in the way of my dream. I hate when that happens.

You can climb down the bridge on the side and there are these huge stone platforms extended from the bridge columns. Supposedly couples go down there at sunset for clandestine dates. Sigh..

This road leads to the famous Ponte Vecchio. If you squint really well, you could see it in this picture too. Lined alongside are shopping districts which could drive anyone crazy. I had my heart’s fill of shopping and huge scoops of gelato. Good times!

The side wall of the Santa Maria cathedral which holds the duomo.

We met a few friends of our host Gerardo and one of them had a major in film making and cinematography. However she had to work in retail because the movie business in Italy has taken a beating due to the recent recession. It’s really sad considering the beautiful movies these people make. Anyone seen Sunflower?

Well I could go on posting pictures.. but if you ever get a chance do visit Firenze as the Italians call it. I’m sure she’d mesmerize you too.

What is your most memorable city?

The Ocean



I never tire of the ocean. Can sit on the beach for hours doing absolutely nothing..It’s a place where everything feels all right with the world.
Anywho, these photos were taken along the CA-1 highway near Monterey, California.. the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen.
Now a photographer friend of mine upon seeing this is going to have a ‘khadus’ (snarky) comment about how my horizon is always tilted .. but I like the horizon tilted..it feels like you are flying and changes the point of view..that.. or.. I was on drugs 🙂

On wonder


The only time I visited Kullu..was the first time I had opened myself to the possibility that there might be something beyond my understanding..beyond what science can explain..something that existed in that pure mountain air and the bigheartedness of the people. The people there called it God’s country..the thousand year old temples..the river..the mountains..everything had a surreal quality. It touched me like no other place before and after has..
A dear friend of mine, after moving back Home said “I’ve finally started to feel! I see a place and it touches me. I had lost that ability living in the Great States.” My sentiments exactly… The last time I felt wonder and awe and my heart filled with something inexplicable seems so long ago..

Why is it so important for us to feel? I think it allows us to be closer ..the ability to feel pain and love and wonder..it brings us all together. Making us feel less lonely in this bottomless universe..