All is not lost

365photos 2011, flower photography, Life in India

Someone in my office bought a bunch of these roses from a kid selling them on the street. You know the ones we see at traffic signals who have probably bought discards from florists or some such places and trying to earn a bit of food by selling them off at lower prices? So we find a rose on all of our desks when we come in to work. I never found out who it was.
A tiny gesture.
It brought at least a 100 smiles.
It doesn’t take much, isn’t it?
(Forgive the picture quality since all I had was the camera on my phone)




You always look a wee bit sad..
As if light is too far away..
But sometimes a little breeze drives up the alley..messing your hair..the sunshine caresses your face..makes those angles look sharper..
the smell of smoke and perfume and the salty ocean fills the air..a heady mix..
that lights a smile.. the dimples appear in a game of hide and seek..
in that fleeting second.. the day pays its debt.