Kindly stay away..

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Meet Bobby! My new friend and well wisher.. He’s fearless (didn’t seem afraid of big ol me at least) but polite.
So here he is politely deterring me away from my buttery and sugar cravings which usually take over past 11 pm and become evil monsters beckoning me to doom .. you know them right? no? just me then..

sorry guys! long tiring day 🙂



randomness, Self

What happens to someone who pretty much lives off the internet when they move to India.. this. I was able to open wordpress after about 20 days. Why? There really is no answer..was I busy..yeah. But did I have no free time? No. The internet just doesnt belong to the fabric of daily life here as it used to… in other words, I currently have no apartment, no tv, no internet and not even a phone. Imagine that.. but after all the frustration at the pace things happen here, I am still happy. I am still living alone.. still away from home but yet ..home. But for now..its enough .. I’m at peace.

Saturday randomness


I have a place to run away to..after all!
They found water on the moon
also recruiting people to help me pack. please. i implore.

and in other randomness..midnight experiments.. from my patio..

..zooming during a long exposure to see exploding effects. the result is not as great..but I think it’s there!


ISO200, f5,15 sec, 12-24mm zooming using nikon 12-24 mm wide angle lens

the same composition without idiotic zooming


ISO200, f5, 15 sec, 12mm focal length

Cheese galore..


a balmy summer night with a slight breeze..
the water on the lake shimmering in the moonlight..
the lapping of the tiny waves on the shore..comforting like fingers stroking hair..
tiny fireflies flitting in and around the trees.. suddenly lighting miniature candles
sweet fragrances filling the air..
two figures quietly looking on..
a distance of years between them..
of continents.. of lives lived apart..
a slight awkwardness.. a bit of the nerves..
“I’m going to mess up” he’s thinking
“The idiot is never going to make a move” her internal dialogue..
so both..
waiting with measured breath..
she puts her head on his shoulder..
he takes her hand..
He leans in for a kiss..
Her smile interferes ..
“What’s so funny?!” with feigned anger
“Who’s dancing naked” both utter in unison..
and burst out laughing..
..distance crossed.