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let there be light..

not sure I’d like to explain why I had disappeared. But now I’m back..hopefully still accepted as before 🙂


so I gave up resisting..

thank you for being so kind. and till I get some inspiration for conceptual’s another one of Pune skies..

Point of view

No, I did not ask those guys to pose for me. But again they decided to.

To those who might know, this is taken at Ishaanya, a furniture mall located in Pune, India.



I have missed the blog these couple of months.. but being reintroduced to your home is a full time job..
This capture is from the steps of a temple taken just after sunrise when the winter morning fog had not yet lifted.. Technically it may be a bad composition because its too busy..but that was the feeling I got.. the day was just rubbing its eyes sleepily and yet there was so much already going on.. life never rests here. its never quiet. its never not crowded..