Saturday randomness


I have a place to run away to..after all!
They found water on the moon
also recruiting people to help me pack. please. i implore.

and in other randomness..midnight experiments.. from my patio..

..zooming during a long exposure to see exploding effects. the result is not as great..but I think it’s there!


ISO200, f5,15 sec, 12-24mm zooming using nikon 12-24 mm wide angle lens

the same composition without idiotic zooming


ISO200, f5, 15 sec, 12mm focal length


A place stuck in time..

photography, randomness

This weekend, I had the opportunity to visit an old farm in one of the mountain communities in south California. The farm is owned by a couple in their 80s and is in quite a state of disrepair. But the owners are the most lively warm people I have ever met.
Their graciousness for hosting a bunch of photographers to take pictures of their home for no cost and extending the hospitality by providing them with food and water.. Its hard to find that nowadays.. isn’t it?
Meeting elderly people who are cheerful no matter how hard their lives have been.. was a new experience for me.. it gives a sense of hope and strength.

..the tiny buildings all around the place were in a state of disarray..the sun hitting the wooden buildings lent an old west world feel.. their only son had to be institutionalized and the couple doesn’t have the resources to manage the property themselves. .. there were swings untouched for years.. a child’s play car with bushes growing around it .. roses gone dry on the plant..even oranges going bad on the tree..
There was a nostalgia lingering in the place…as if it stopped living on the best day of its life..

I took about 400 pictures..needless to say only a few were even viewable.. But I’d like to share some here for comments and critique.

Here is the first set..

A stone carved mini horse carriage sitting in a groove in the wall..
I couldnt help but smile at the plastic flowers.. notice the cobwebs?
.. it just looked spooky
A tractor in the yard.. rusting off to nothingness..