Frame of Reference..


I had a heated argument with one of my non-photographic friends about this photo.
His point was that there is no point to this composition, nor is there any frame of reference. In effect making it a useless capture. I had another one ask me to think about every photo I take, in regards to what I want to convey with it.
I agree that a composition has to have a selling point to make it effective. But this is wildly relative to every person. Along with being a craft having some fundamental rules, photography is also an art. What attracted me to this composition was the texture. But it can mean nothing but a log of wood to someone else or something entirely different to some other viewer. Not that I claim to be an artist but the best part of any composition, be it music , painting or photography, is the open interpretation by the artist as well as the audience. What do you think?


Photography: Composition


So, here I am following up on my brilliant idea 😀

The advent of digital photography has already reduced the possibility of bad pictures to a large extent but there will always be a difference between a good picture and a great picture. And that difference, is the eye of the taker. A great picture always tells a story. It has a theme. Take an ad-campaign for a car. A Porsche is always shown in front of a huge mansion or with a suited guy. The USP is accomplishment. Simply a picture of a Porsche in the middle with nothing around will not mean much, whereas the idea of achievement attached to owning a Porsche, by using symbols of the same in the composition, will sell.

In effect, how the photo is composed speaks volumes. My genius photographer friend (GPF from now on) told me a simple rule of the thirds. Divide your frame in 3 and then shoot. So for example, if I’m shooting the ocean and sky , instead of splitting the picture half and half into water and air, pick one third ocean and two thirds sky or vice versa. That removes the boringness (I make up words, shut up) of the picture. Adding to that principle, if there is a subject for the picture, instead of placing it/them smack in the middle (Its not a passport photo for God’s sake) place them such that there is a context to them and allow the picture to have a flow.