New homes and old homes

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It’s 7 years since I left my real home.. since the first job which included running to the opening shift at 5.30 in the wee hours of the day.. since my first day of graduate classes ..of being on my own after never having left the safety of home for 23 years.. I have moved a bunch of times since then. I don’t know if I ever want to go back to Philly..but I will always love this dear old dirty city.

Love park in center city

Love park in center city

Do you have a place other than home that you think of as home?


the city i fell in love with..


the art museum (rocky museum for fans) favorite spot to go and think

the art museum (rocky museum for fans) favorite spot to go and think

I hated Philly for my first two months there. It was too drab..too dirty and it wasn’t home. But as everything, that changed.. I relaxed ..we got acquainted with each other..became friends and then, it became my home town.
Surprisingly in my mind, Philly is my home town. The city I grew up in will always be home. A place where I want to return to and grow old and grey. But it is like mom..who spoils you..covers your mistakes and hugs you when you throw a tantrum. Philly to me, is like dad..who scolds you, disciplines you and prods you to grow up. It was the place where I experienced the elation of a first paycheck. The first time I walked in a bank and opened an account on my own name..a place where I saw a friend mugged for $10 and his bloody face.. where I learnt that being alone and being lonely are two very different ideas..where I fell in love…where I grew up from a spoilt brat of a girl to a woman.

missing fall..



I never thought I’d say this but 365 days of perfect weather can ACTUALLY get boring..
Especially I miss fall first season in the US..the most romantic.. the trees burst with colors..there’s a slight nip in the air..not cold..but cold enough to take your breath away should a wind blow..and the sun..that chap after glaring down all summer decides to take a back seat..shines like a benevolent guy ..