365photos 2011, Life in India, photography

Caught a glimpse of this raw emotion at a traffic light.
Hated myself for taking his picture.
Then re-considered.
Maybe all of us can pray for him.
May he have as many smiles.
To counter that pain.


Day 33: on tenterhooks…

365photos 2011, musings, randomness, Thinking out loud

It was a struggle every time..
not to touch you
being insanely attracted to you
and insanely scared of being rejected
No..sure of being rejected
i never knew
why you never left..
a long time ago..
it was me who was blinded by love..
you weren’t..
you never were
and in the space
between your nonchalance
and my desire spent grief
i’m still hanging…
to release my breath.

In other stories, they hung this exit sign outside my apartment door, facing a window, for the sole person who lives on the floor.. moi. go figure!


musings, photography, Self, Thinking out loud

I raced from work to catch the sunset.. even paid toll and sped through a school zone to make it to the beach on time. I was too late. Sometimes even little disappointments can be magnified.. but chose to stay anyway. I needed to clear my head.. I was standing far away from the water watching the light turn a glowy orange and yellow… the pelicans gliding over.. the water turning just a tad violent and noisy.. filling the valley behind with its rumbling..

and then a big crashing wave decided to cross its boundary and drenched my feet.. I couldn’t help but smile at the universe. Felt like it was trying to reach out. The entire week of excruciating pain melted away in that one tiny gesture ..

.. the rational side took over and it felt silly. But even the cynical me, couldn’t snatch that one peaceful moment. It was my own. To interpret however I wanted..


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