365photos 2011, photography

don’t have much to say..
am i back to regular posting and commenting?
I don’t know yet..
but I’m forcing myself to remember that this is something I love..
and that is hard to find..


sunshine to rain again..

365photos 2011, Life in India

life keeps taking somersaults..
one of my friends maintains that life is a series of repeated events or processes. I vehemently argued with him the first time..because I wanted to believe in a purpose..of some highly romantic idea..
but I guess he was right..
in the mean while exciting or repetitive, life is still beautiful..

friends sharing an umbrella..

some leaves soaked in the rain..

365photos 2011, photography, randomness

I’m copying Kieran today but with a silly poll..
the hectic running around of the past few days is catching up making me feel uninspired and hating all my photos..
burn out seems to be on it’s way again..