the woods are lonely dark and deep..


but i have promises to keep
and miles to go before i sleep
..and miles to go before i sleep…





Apparently I’m a snob. Now I am the sort who likes to be accepted and liked by all. So I try my best to fit in and tailor myself to the present company without being fake. Its hard work in itself. But I also like the finer things in much as the “paycheck” allows … Somehow that seems to be a factor adding to the ever increasing gap between me and my family back home. I grew up in a normal middle-class family with everything that I needed and some of what I wanted. Working in the US and having a disposable income provided the ability to have a lot more of what I wanted than I did as a kid. But that makes me ‘hi-fi’ in my mom’s words. hi-fi is a very Indian expression..loosely translated as elitist. Which I positively believe I am not. But if the idea has set in her mind, anything I say to the contrary wouldn’t matter. And that takes her farther away from me emotionally. Which hurts. Living in a different country for 7 years has already taken a toll on the closeness we once shared. This seems like such a superficial reason..and yet it exists..

Growing up isn’t as glossy as it seemed.

sunday blues


From a young age my highest priority has been freedom. choice. and my biggest fear is a mundane life.

i got both. So today I am single, free and living a life as common as any other. because i am as common as any other..and as unique.

This is a space I want to use to blog my random single hopes… and my gossamer dreams ..