Of images and words..

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You know IndieInk? The fab set of people who write for composition, not competition? Well they have a writing challenge going on..
And one of the writers Jason, was challenged to use an art submission on the site as inspiration to write. He used the photo (below) of mine to write this:

Please go read..NOW.. simply beautiful word imagery!

I love artists’ brains.


Me at IndieInk today!


{Begin: tooting own horn}

I’m featured at IndieInk today!
Go over..take a look. It had been a while since I submitted anything because I have been in a funk thinking I’m no good. But Hope nudged me on the other day, and am glad she did 🙂

IndieInk is an amazing experiment, encouraging indie writers, artists and photographers. They are a talented bunch themselves and do a wonderful job of showcasing fresh talent without the ickiness of politics and all the not-good stuff. I’ve found my favorite bloggers through them. Please go and vote for them!

PS: Previous published photos at II, here and here . Oh and here.

{end : horn toot. You can get your hands off your ears}



UPDATE: Another photo of mine is ‘Photo of the day’ at Whygo, a travel info site.

One of my photos is published over at Indie Ink today. And that makes me a happy camper 🙂 Encouragement is always good!
In case you have never visited, hop on over and check out the images and essays. It’s a great idea for budding artists and writers to showcase their work and is very inspiring for me. Stacy of Indie Ink, who is an amazing photographer herself, does a great job of editor and site admin and I have found some of my favorite bloggers and photographers through the site.