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Life is a mystery..

Had to travel home due to sad news in the family..
And have been pretty much lost for the past few days
because sometimes just as there is no reason for life,
there is absolutely no reason for death..
and all we are left with is lot of questions with no answers
and a reminder that we live every breath with uncertainty
all we can do
is live to the fullest
and love till our heart explodes..

Saw this pretty little weed growing in the stairs..
in the heat..
it is unwanted..
but it had the tenacity to live
I made it into one of my teachers.

Take care folks and remember to smile..
Regular scheduled photography and rambling will resume tomorrow.
Hope you all are well.


Flower Power

Well I am hating missing out on 3 days of posting.. but of course photos have been taken 🙂

This is my 200th post which of course is hard to believe..

Anywho.. the apartment complex grounds where I live are currently abloom with spring flowers.. lovingly nurtured by an army of gardeners.. I don’t really know how to take photos of flowers but looking at their hard work flourishing beautifully, I couldn’t resist..

stuff of dreams

don’t have much to say. just came home from’s 1.55am. i have worked 17 hours straight. 2 days i a row. My brain is fried.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! send me love

PS: i don’t like the rose. It’s too beautiful a flower.


… the auspicious flower garland which marks the beginning of any Hindu ritual or festival..

home sweet home..


where do colors come from?