The grass is always greener..

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What? Just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean I don’t feel for them..


No harm in dreaming..

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I need to get out of the city for a while..
and live on a farm..
near a brook..
or on a beach..
and make margaritas for a living..
and have beach bums for friends…
but there are bills
and expectations
and deadlines
tomorrow is another day..

of promises kept..

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There are times in life when we need a do-over ..or rather we are forced to have one..
Dreams are shattered..
Plans don’t work out..
Priorities need adjustments..
or a complete change in life expectations needs to be made
and we are left with..what now?

These are hard times and there is no one or nothing to blame except circumstances. While going through one of these, I made a promise to myself sometime ago..
At that point I was so devastated that I did not think I could keep that promise for years to come..
but I did..
and more than anything.. it was a lesson in self discovery..
that we are far more stronger and resilient than we give ourselves credit with..
that we aren’t easily defeated..

I did go to Venice..
without my guy.. which was what I had dreamt about as a starry eyed 16 year old..
but kids don’t know everything … ­čÖé

Book lovers never go to bed alone..

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I have had such a horrible horrible week that I need a little daydreaming..
like retiring and setting up a quaint little bookstore with cozy lounge chairs and a coffee bar..
in a sleepy coastal village..
overlooking the beach ..
will full length glass windows..


plus i have not had a chance to leave the apartment to take pictures.. so here is the current bunch of books on my night stand. All of them being read as per the mood..
the running favorite.. Les Miserables.. by Victor Hugo..cannot beat the classics..

Do you have favorite book recommendations for me?

So you think you are special?

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The middle class was the worst gift that the British gave India. Referred to as the working class in other parts of the world, it is a class of people the British created by using Indians to do their clerical jobs and keep them in line. Providing them with enough to gain their gratitude and in return asking for their subservience in their regime. After 60 years of independence, the situation is improving, they are becoming more educated and gaining financial stronghold. The recent surge in the consumer economy of India is a direct reflection of the increase in the improved life style of the middle class. So there is a change. But to a large extent, that change is ostensible. It is more of a rolling ball effect rather than a propelled one. And there lies my problem. Because the mental fabric of this group of people is still the same.

The ideas and concepts of life are confined to a square. And unless you are deemed special by society , you need to follow those rules or you are a social outcast. I have seen this up close. My parents however are far more progressive than their peers. I was given a lot more freedom to think and learn whatever I chose to and live as per my rules. But when it comes down to major life decisions, the square comes right back to suffocate. They eventually feel the pressure. Anyone who seeks to ask why, to dare, to take a risk and be something even slightly different from the norm is looked upon with suspicion. The list of ‘should’ rules our lives.

There is black and white differentiation between people who follow the rules and those who don’t. I am a cause of pain to my family because I think who I marry is far more important than, when I marry.. or because I actually like being independent. This causes me immense guilt. I would love to change these viewpoints…mine and theirs. Which however would call for conflict. When a tree is deep rooted, the only option to change its position is uprooting it. Which I would never want to do to my family. Because they are not bad people and I love them. They cannot be blamed for the ideas that were ingrained in them. They can be blamed for accepting those ideas without question. But then, they never felt the need to. So asking them to change their core today is basically the same thing as them asking me to go against my dreams.

So what is the solution? All I can see is that I have no choice for myself if I want to keep my family intact. I have the choice of giving my children the choice. However I am one person. And I do hope there are many more like me. But I see a lot of my peers think the same way as the elders. A friend told me he wanted a wife who will never go against his parents’ wishes. Another one said that he will hire bodyguards to keep his young daughter away from boys at school. Which is really disheartening.

Now, resistance to even a slight change in pattern, is nothing new. We have seen this happening in history all the time. It just pains me to see that this is still happening. That history has not taught us to be open minded. To accept that life is not a set of rules. Or is it the same fact that scares us? Because then we will be forced to actually be original..

Just another list..

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One day I hope to..
wake up in the morning before the sun blinds my room..
and smile… just because..

have a huge library overlooking the valley with tall glass windows and a sinky, soft couch..

adopt a little girl and be her family..

finally fly to Venice and take that ride in the gondola into the sunset… no matter if I have someone to go with
..and hear the gondolier sing hauntingly in his baritone voice filling the balmy evening air..

learn to fly ..

bake a cake without the fire alarm soundtrack..

regain my sense of wonder at the world and lose the cynicism that age brings..

get rid of the feeling that anywhere else is better than here..

find the magic..

live in the Himalayas for a year ..

find someone to love and pamper..

start playing the violin again..

actually do some work during the work day.