Keep walking..

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..because there is light at the end of the tunnel..


day 26: of reflections

365photos 2011, photography, Thinking out loud

Have you ever taken a hand mirror and held it such that it forms a triangle with your face and another mirror? Try it.
What you will see is countless reflections of your face in dimensions difficult to count.
I’m afraid I’m not able to articulate better but that was how I spent yesterday. Not staring at myself in the mirror. But reflecting..from one thought to another. And interestingly enough this image presented itself. Its a reflection of a photo of many columns in the glass railing of an escalator which is further reflected in the glass panelling of the building wall.
Yes I am confused too..

Day 19: of colour and conformity

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Some of my favorite things.

No, I’m not turning this into a fashion blog.

Just look at the colors my dears.

Did you react on seeing these? Or recoil, maybe? There’s usually compliments on how pretty the colors are. But more often than not, shocked expressions at the brightness and inward scoffing about my garish taste.

Bright is not sophisticated apparently. But to me a bold, saturated color speaks of joy and makes me smile. And I’d rather smile.

To get to the point, in the reactions, is another aspect at play. The ones with the shocked expressions do not mind the color so much as the idea of wearing it on their person. Why? Because it would draw attention.

Bar a few, most of us like to be invisible. We like to blend in or fit in the crowd.
Isn’t it true, that all human beings come with the same set of tools. A thinking brain, five senses to understand and interpret what we see and learn and the ability to express. Our uniqueness lies in the way each of us does the understanding, interpreting and expressing bit. And yet we are taught to think similarly. Anyone who attempts to do something new or apart from the norm is usually squashed down. Anyone who tries to be bold, bright or different is considered a danger. And then that becomes the way we train ourselves to think. Confined to the set of ‘corrects’ and ‘wrongs’ that we are given since childhood. Can you imagine what a wonderful place this would be if everyone lets their creativity flow? Where there is no fear of the unknown..where Galileo is not prosecuted for calling the earth round? Because eventually everyone is going to accept the wild idea as the norm.

Are you afraid to stand out?

Day 16: of memories and places..

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I spent a lot of my childhood hanging out with my maternal grandma. She used to take me around town and some places in my home town, Pune have come to be associated with her. I lost her when I was 8 and most of her memories are now hazy but certain places always remind me of her. One such place is the ‘mandai’ or farmer’s market where my parents get their weekly stock of veggies and fruits from. I used to go there with grandma. Nowadays I accompany my dad once in a while when I visit home. Its a Sunday morning tradition. I love the colors and bustle of the place..even though it isn’t really the cleanest of places. The vendors have been there for years. And so have the customers. They know each other..share laughs and bicker over prices and even know each others’ life stories.

day 15: laziness

365photos 2011, randomness

I’m not happy that I have fallen behind on posting but I have been carrying my camera everywhere and taking photos everyday. It was a long weekend and I was getting a much needed break…at home no less…so I was low on inspiration.
So not much artistic talent in these ones. But Saturday morning we sat down together to watch a movie after eons and kept getting interrupted by the phone. Now since my parents do not believe in screening calls and think that they might miss the call from the country’s president when they let one call go unanswered, we had to wait till every call was over.
I was amused by the instances that we kept having to pause at..