I walk alone…

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Give it up for David for writing a beautiful piece of poetry and being kind enough to let me post it here..
I don’t think the photo does much justice to the words.. But this time we went the other way round to find an image in my archives which would resonate with the emotions expressed in his words..

Water flows over
sand escapes beneath
vertigo at the beach as
waves play with my toes
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
I walk alone…

My gaze turns away to the sea
dancing diamonds on the water call to me
watching their rise only to
suddenly hide behind a wave
to peek shyly above while preparing
to fling themselves high on the next
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
I walk alone…

A steady rhythm frees rigidity
as pressure ceases it’s tension chains
waves to draw them out and
hide their tacks in the sand as they are
washed out in cool waters caress with
soft and tender whispers of serenity
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
I walk alone…

Her footsteps whisper in the sand
her fingers furtively entwine
with eyes glistening reflections of full moons
embrace of stars fairy dance
vertigo tugs us gently to pause while
skins goose bumps tingle hello
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
her lips catch it’s airy release

I walk but not alone…

-David Craft


365photos 2011, memories, photography

Mysteriously, wonderfully, I bid farewell to what goes, I greet what comes; for what comes cannot be denied, and what goes cannot be detained.

days and nights are currently blending into light streaks..
the colors are barely there..
the shapes are invisible..
in the landscape of life these days are the plateaus
flat.. undulating..
hot days..
cold nights..
slight winds..
cloudy skies..
but not gloomy
nor happy
the color is maroon
it exists
but has no identity..
there’s no sadness..
nor joy
life just is.
for now.

The photo is an oldie taken at Huntington Beach, CA


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I still cannot believe I gave up living in this place!! I loved spending Saturday afternoons driving along the coast near Laguna Beach just to be near the ocean, who was my best friend..

Nostalgia can be a downer sometimes..
But look!
Photos taken while on a drive along CA-1, which I maintain is the most beautiful coastline in the world.
I drove for 14 straight hours from LA to San Francisco along this road. To take pictures and feel the ocean breeze in my hair…

A place stuck in time..

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This weekend, I had the opportunity to visit an old farm in one of the mountain communities in south California. The farm is owned by a couple in their 80s and is in quite a state of disrepair. But the owners are the most lively warm people I have ever met.
Their graciousness for hosting a bunch of photographers to take pictures of their home for no cost and extending the hospitality by providing them with food and water.. Its hard to find that nowadays.. isn’t it?
Meeting elderly people who are cheerful no matter how hard their lives have been.. was a new experience for me.. it gives a sense of hope and strength.

..the tiny buildings all around the place were in a state of disarray..the sun hitting the wooden buildings lent an old west world feel.. their only son had to be institutionalized and the couple doesn’t have the resources to manage the property themselves. .. there were swings untouched for years.. a child’s play car with bushes growing around it .. roses gone dry on the plant..even oranges going bad on the tree..
There was a nostalgia lingering in the place…as if it stopped living on the best day of its life..

I took about 400 pictures..needless to say only a few were even viewable.. But I’d like to share some here for comments and critique.

Here is the first set..

A stone carved mini horse carriage sitting in a groove in the wall..
I couldnt help but smile at the plastic flowers.. notice the cobwebs?
.. it just looked spooky
A tractor in the yard.. rusting off to nothingness..

Photography: SLR camera



Following up on the previous photography related post, here is a brief review of how an SLR camera works. This is not necessary information to take pictures but it certainly helps if you want to manipulate the camera in doing what you want it to.
There are currently two most popular types of cameras available:
-the point and shoot cameras for those who prefer simple and automatic.
-the DSLRs (simply SLR in the film days) which are more popular with the photography nuts and the professionals.

I use both but obviously prefer the DSLR for its flexibility. Though today the higher end point and shoot cameras are as sophisticated as the entry-level DSLRs and provide almost all of the functionality.

So what is a DSLR camera. Directly translated, its a digital single lens reflex camera. Meaning, we see a single reflection of the image coming from the lens. Since there is no distortion of the image by multiple reflections, what we see (compose) is very close to what we get.

Simplifying it further, a digital camera is nothing but a box, with :
1. A sensor in digital cameras (film in the older versions). The sensor collects the image and processes it.
2. A shutter in front of the sensor which moves away when we click a picture. Imagine a square sensor and then a tiny gate in front of it which moves up and down.
3. A mirror angled in front of the lens and viewfinder such that the light entering the lens gets reflected on the mirror into the viewfinder. The sole purpose of the mirror is to provide a preview of the picture. When we click a photo, the mirror moves out of the way.
4. Lastly the lens which has an aperture on one end (towards the camera) whose diameter can be adjusted.

The two important controls in the construction, that the user has, which govern the properties of a photo are:
1. the speed with which the shutter moves out of the way and comes back in front of the sensor.
2. the diameter of the aperture of the lens.

So following the path of light in the figure above, light enters through the lens, through the aperture, reflects onto the mirror and can be seen in the viewfinder. Its out of scope to go into lens theory here. So just imagine an object in front of the lens, which the user can see reflected in the mirror.

Once, we click, meaning the shutter is released, the mirror moves up away from the lens, the shutter moves up and light enters from the lens onto the sensor creating an image. Voila!

The Ocean



I never tire of the ocean. Can sit on the beach for hours doing absolutely nothing..It’s a place where everything feels all right with the world.
Anywho, these photos were taken along the CA-1 highway near Monterey, California.. the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen.
Now a photographer friend of mine upon seeing this is going to have a ‘khadus’ (snarky) comment about how my horizon is always tilted .. but I like the horizon tilted..it feels like you are flying and changes the point of view..that.. or.. I was on drugs 🙂