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365photos 2011, photography


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365photos 2011, photography, randomness

I have no cohesive thoughts nor any good photos to share today.. neither am I liking any of the photos I took..yet again. But that is against the rules I set for myself..so good or bad.. here is a random assortment..

The national sport of India is hockey but the national passion is cricket. With the world cup ongoing its particularly crazy.
Photo taken at my neighborhood mall. I was standing just above the big TV which was airing the match live.

Click on the video to hear what I mean by mania..

all over a ball! I just don’t get it.

Sunset as seen from the metro station. No matter how dreary we make our cities, nature always tries to prettify ..

City lights at night..

and because you haven’t had enough of my awesomeness, my living room windows . Photo taken with my new Diana lens with no post processing. (It’s a plastic toy lens which produces these retro, diffused glowy images). I’m quite in love with it.

Please don’t write me off just yet. Do come back. I’ll do better tomorrow. I promise! 🙂

the holga effect


Recently a friend introduced me to this cool little site, Picnik which is great for some fantastic photo processing. Since I have never really warmed up to Photoshop (read: too intimidated by complicated software) , this one is great for me if I am not really happy with an image straight from the camera. And I’m addicted. I especially love the various effects they have.

Today’s experiment is with the Holga effect. I hadn’t paid much attention to the names of the various effects but learnt today that the Holga is a plastic camera which apparently has a cult following among some photographers. The unique features about it is that it provides blurry, vignetted images with soft focus which are used to create artistic perspectives. Now if those words don’t mean much to you, it just means that it allowed to create gritty, dark images which can work wonders on certain compositions.

If you want to know more about the technical mumbo jumbo, there’s lots of info here.

Anyway, so here’s my original image (see the bokeh.. I’m mighty pleased!)
This was taken just after the rain from a moving car .. so the composition isn’t all that interesting. But I loved the effect of the rain drops on the window glass and was looking for something to bring that out and distract from the rather mundane background..

and this is the one with Picnik’s version of the holga effect..

As my boss says.. you live and learn.

New toy!


so because I’m completely broke, I got myself a new lens 😀 My first non-kit lens and I’m excited folks! Yep am a geek, deal with it. Its the Nikkor 35mm 1.8D and I’m in loooovve!!
Not a great composition, just testing out what it can do. The main reason I wanted a prime fast lens was to take portraits and to achieve bokeh .. the awesome creamy back ground blur with correspondingly sharp subjects. And I’m happy with the choice.