chocolate or strawberry?

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How does one make decisions? What is the process? writing the pros and cons..evaluating them..weighing priorities ..

coming to a conclusion..

but when your brain has tied all the loose ends into a tidy little bow..

and you are feeling mighty pleased about the achievement..

the heart pulls a little nagging string.. at the very edge..

so tiny you don’t see it ..

because that’s the thing with the heart..

it doesn’t like to impose..

it won’t state out loud..

it will be shy ..

it will hope and wait for it’s turn

which we rarely give it..

and then when we don’t.. decides to win.





does age reduce creativity?

wanting to write and being able to write are completely different things now..

that wasnt the case.. words would flow.. they would capture me in the oddest of moments.. not necessarily beautiful words or thoughts to move anyone.. but words nevertheless.. they used to be my friends.. my companions in the solitude ..

now they seem to have de-friended me..

age was easiest to blame.. but maybe it is life..

maybe it is getting caught in this trauma of a daily routine..

of running madly..

not having a dream.. or being afraid to have one..

or finding them too hard to accomplish and just burying them in the sand..

now washed away by the tides..

with no time to look for new ones..


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happy feet..

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Two of my colleagues and now friends in the organization I work with, have year and 3 year old kids. And I was completely bowled over when they shared how they celebrate their kids’ birthdays. The one year old tot had his very first birthday in life a couple of weeks ago and his parents took him to an orphanage, where he gave the kids all sorts of gifts useful for them to go to school and a little party so that they could have one evening of indulgence. Since these kids live on charity and are more often than not starved even for the basics. The joy on the mom’s face as she described the day to us the next morning was unbelievable.
But what I envy most is the legacy her little kid is going to carry with him as he grows up…

After all my grumpiness at the intellectual progress and increasing shallowness of people around me and all that jazz, it was a heartening story that fell in my lap..
it brings a smile, doesn’t it?

PS: tiny little adorable feet, courtesy of my two year old niece Gargi.

Things that matter…

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there’s a Marathi (my mother tongue) song which goes ‘rakat desha, kankhar desha, dagdanchya desha’..
hard to translate in English but it’s a love song for the land we live in describing it as bold, strong and rocky in literally full of rocks. It takes a special kind of love to describe something as rocky and yet mean it as a compliment.

This image is from the backwaters of a little mud dam located in a village some 100 kms from Pune. The landscape of India is what keeps me rooted here.. Because every time I spend 45 minutes in traffic for a 10 minute distance, get rudely called off by people on the road, face immense amount of resistance to good ideas just because of cultural attitudes or never get work done in public offices, when life is so busy that work days become 12 hour stretches with no time to spare for things I love.. I have to keep reminding myself that there is beauty here. It needs to be unearthed… Under the callous exterior there is tenderness somewhere. The scruffiness is brought upon by circumstance and not by choice. No matter how I hate the everyday life..I still love being here.. It seems to be a hard comparison to make. But how do you decide if you are happy even when days are spent in misery? Probably because at the end of the day, sleep comes with a satisfaction of being at home…
I don’t know.

365photos 2011, photography, randomness

I’m copying Kieran today but with a silly poll..
the hectic running around of the past few days is catching up making me feel uninspired and hating all my photos..
burn out seems to be on it’s way again..

stuff i’m loving..


I am aware that I need to be posting photos and I am taking them everyday but haven’t found the time to upload and create posts. Moving sucks 😦

Sooo am at work, a little frustrated so I thought I’d share some cool stuff with y’all

(all links open in new tabs)

A different perspective on portraits by Katie. This girl has fantastic ideas and executes them beautifully.

Larry is a pro photographer and writes insightful posts. I’ve been thinking of entering photo competitions lately to challenge myself more and found this post very useful.

Vida Luminosa : Discovered this blog recently. Peter’s landscapes are mesmerizing and he is a thought provoking writer to boot. Killer combo in my book. This particular image has been selected for printing in Nat Geo.

George Munday is a pro photographer in Ireland. His images are jaw-dropping. Check out his blog: Minimalistics

Onethirtyfive is an interesting blog where every photo is accompanied by either 35 or 135 words. I’m confused about that. But the photos are great and so are the words. I’m thinking of doing something like this for fun. Any volunteers for the writing position? 🙂

Also, there is some amazing talent on the 365project website. The guy that constantly blows me off is Pankaj. He shoots mainly wildlife but manages to capture such beautiful moments, they take your breath away. I don’t think you need an account to view the photos.
My Dad is the best.. on 365 Project
And while you are there check out some photos by Ariel. This crazy guy is doing a 365 self-portrait project and creates these pieces of art (cannot call them just photos because there is a lot of photoshop involved) and you see his awesome mind behind each image that he creates. Simply fantastic!
Hatched From Egg on 365 Project

ok now bye.