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I’m bothered by the contemporary need of keeping everything light. I have nothing against humor and that’s not what I’m referring to. The incessant effort made to stay away from any topic, event or person who makes one think and feel uncomfortable is my problem. Anything deeper than a reality show is now considered boring. Movies dealing with serious real world issues do not get patrons whereas mindless drivel makes millions. Let’s not even get into the kind of authors who are getting recognition today. I miss the times when shows like M.A.S.H were considered quality humor and newspapers discussed news and politics instead of making a hullabaloo about a politician being slapped and an entire state being shut down for business . Is this a price of progress? Have we reached a stagnation point for good taste and intelligent development of the mind? Or have we gone in denial?


11 thoughts on “mind depth..

  1. This is a truly stunning image, Dhaami!
    What a view! I really like that sweeping ‘s’ curve that divides the lights and darks, too…
    so nice!
    That is all.
    (that last line was my cryptic M*A*S*H reference)

  2. This is an admirable post! I back you up on this thought. The sense of reality and genuineness is almost vanishing…as we look around our world today. I sometimes feel they are big distractions. Sometimes they appear heartless & cold-blood business. I try to completely avoid it (e.g. tv). Choose what we need, and search&find happiness in things we do.

    The photo is an amazing portray of w-i-d-e expanse of nature. Love the treatment and composition.

  3. Excellent photograph. There has always been escapist entertainment in all varieties of mass media. Sensationalist news/gossip and yellow journalism have had a long history. The problem that you are observing is a global mass media industry that takes these elements of media content to an excess and then shapes social values and beliefs in a way that makes the excess the norm/standard. This trend that started in North America has been called “the dumbing down of America” and ” the invasion of Planet Hollywood/Disney” .

    1. ‘escapist’. I wonder why I didn’t think of that word though it’s exactly what I meant.Thank you 🙂 And again a very insightful comment! It’s surprising why anyone would want to ‘dumb down’ anything. Especially when it is obvious that media governs the social pattern to a large extent.

  4. There are things you can change or atleast try to change and things you cannot. There is no point lamenting those which you cannot. Make small changes, pleasure will be worth all of it.
    ps: the photograph is beautiful but for once i thought your words reflect more of your mood.

    1. Thank you Mayank! And what the media chooses to portray is something the people can control. But what mass media portrays is what the people want. And I would hate to see my kids ever having to grow up in an environment like this

  5. I see what you mean. It is a little depressing: only a few types of ‘reality’ shows are worth watching (I’m referring specifically to the cooking reality shows, like Iron Chef and the like, where at least you can learn a little something).

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