it’s complicated…

365photos 2011, Life in India, photography, Self

As a 20 year old, I was devout. My faith in God unquestioned.

More than a decade later, I find myself sitting outside this beautiful temple on a hill surrounded my monsoon green.. a place where even the harshest of critics would attempt to consider the presence of a higher power..
and I couldn’t make myself go in..
I felt like a petulant child sulking in the corner..
Loss of innocence is a bigger loss than the loss of faith..


17 thoughts on “it’s complicated…

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, as always it’s the story in the picture that captivates, the emotion you unleash. It’s not just pretty, it shimmers. Everything you write underneath, resonates within.

    I tell you, you have talent.

    Onward madam, onward!

  2. Hey Meg, firstly this is a spot on composition. There is a lot going here – great framing, a story and nice processing to convey the mood. I am sure you will get over your challenges, your work is reflective of your mood.

    Much though I love this shot, I wouldnt have walked into that temple either. An Atheist I am ! 🙂

  3. The hardest times in my life are when I lose faith. Luckily for me I’ve found comfort in my own spiritual beliefs, but it’s hard to have faith in the world, in humanity. It’s a daily struggle to hold on to the good things in life. If you ever need to talk, Dhaami, know I’m here.

  4. What a stunning photograph! I love the air – the mystery in it – and the feeling of melting to faith. This one speaks volumes from under its absence of colour. Good job Dhaami! :d

  5. Beautiful composition. As an “old guy”, who has faced health issues, raising a child with special needs, the death of parents & friends, and presently a mother-in-law in the final stages of Alzheimer’s, I would like to offer you some higher wisdom. I don’t have any really. Sometimes life is a roller-coaster ride & some of us get really sick/terrified on those rides and just want to get off. As to faith, I find that word troubling in how it is used. Too many people use and say “You have to have faith.” Yet they are talking about a personal certainty that comes from kind of knowledge & belief . Without that personal certainty it is hard to just have faith. In the end you must find something to carry you through: creative expression, constructive involvement in society, or loving personal relationship ……….. family, friends, work. Some can find a place in the infinite / an intimation of the divine through the things I mentioned, others are satisfied with the finite aspects of life. Whatever you find, know that your little bit of the blogosphere helps yourself & others get through the scary/difficult parts of the ride. Enjoy the day & keep creating and communicating.

    1. You described it correctly! I want to get off that roller coaster. It’s probably a phase but it has lasted enough to sap me of my usual energy. And it is frustrating when I’m told to have faith. There is nothing to have faith in sometimes… anyways, it is heartening to hear from someone who has been through a lot harder life and i’m grateful that you took the time to write down your thoughts. Keep communicating is the advice I need to focus on..i forget that all the time when I am despondent. Thank you 🙂

    1. Well, sometimes the comforting factor is we are never alone even in our most lonely moments because someone somewhere always is going through the same 🙂

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