We are all on a journey..

365photos 2011, Life in India, Thinking out loud

from here..

to here..

..and none of us can predict the turns it will take
nor can we exert control..
though we may like to think so..
all that we can hope for..
is that at the end,
there’s some measure of peace..


12 thoughts on “We are all on a journey..

  1. This is in fact a great post and the photos complement the apt title—looking at a journey from child to the calm old woman!
    The shading of the second pic is real neat!

  2. Amazing shots! I especiall like the one of the little boy with his bike! Very heart warming. 🙂 Sorry I’ve not been around for a while commenting…I’m goint to catch up now!! 😉

  3. I like how you capture each subject so perfectly in their environment. The pop of yellow in the first really represents the joy and exuberance of youth, and the subdued tones of the second represent the quiet reflections that come with age. Nicely done!

  4. chyala full senti…. loka mhanatat ki its not about the destination but the journey… mala farasa kahi kalat nahiye ajun 31 warsha houn geli tari…

  5. Well done ! Time is a trickster and a con artist. Time hands us gifts with one hand while emptying our pockets with the other.

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