365photos 2011, photography supposed to be a pre-cursor to success. I had been doing wonderfully for the first 6 months on my 365 project and now it’s all gone to hell..
I’m fervently hoping that I get my photographer’s block out of the way. Am sick of being the whiny kid :p

also i had cake and chocolate milk for breakfast today..
so as my body’s age moves upwards in the mental age is apparently regressing below 10…


7 thoughts on “failure..

  1. That sounds like a splendid breakfast. Never mind D, its good to indulge once in a while. And you, suffering from photographer’s block? Ha, like I’d believe you. 😀

  2. Sounds like a perfectly acceptable breakfast to me! Really, it’s hard keeping up with a blog, especially a 365 project. Be encouraged – what you are putting out to the world is amazing. Keep it up!

  3. Cake and milk for breakfast is normal when you get into your 30’s in Canada. Only most of them try to make it look like they are older by going to Tim Horton’s and getting coffee for their milk and getting a doughnut. Since you are part of the Commonwealth, you are allowed to share in our Canadian customs if you so wish -enjoy! Other Canadian food besides, Tim Horton doughnuts, are poutine and beaver-tails (large flat fried pastry). Great shot – now I need to get something to eat.

  4. So if you have treats in the morning you start turning into a kid? If it happens in the afternoon does it count, too? Gee, a little warning would have been nice. I guess I’m about three months old by now :).
    You know I had photographer’s block a few months ago and it was awful, so I share the sentiment, and I hope yours goes away soon. I haven’t been posting much myself, either, because it’s winter and there aren’t many things to shoot, and because college takes up a lot of my time, so don’t feel so bad about yourself. Maybe in a few weeks or a couple of months we’ll all be back in track.

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