I walk alone…

365photos 2011, photography, writing

Give it up for David for writing a beautiful piece of poetry and being kind enough to let me post it here..
I don’t think the photo does much justice to the words.. But this time we went the other way round to find an image in my archives which would resonate with the emotions expressed in his words..

Water flows over
sand escapes beneath
vertigo at the beach as
waves play with my toes
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
I walk alone…

My gaze turns away to the sea
dancing diamonds on the water call to me
watching their rise only to
suddenly hide behind a wave
to peek shyly above while preparing
to fling themselves high on the next
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
I walk alone…

A steady rhythm frees rigidity
as pressure ceases it’s tension chains
waves to draw them out and
hide their tacks in the sand as they are
washed out in cool waters caress with
soft and tender whispers of serenity
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
I walk alone…

Her footsteps whisper in the sand
her fingers furtively entwine
with eyes glistening reflections of full moons
embrace of stars fairy dance
vertigo tugs us gently to pause while
skins goose bumps tingle hello
I turn to softly share a chuckle but
her lips catch it’s airy release

I walk but not alone…

-David Craft


10 thoughts on “I walk alone…

  1. Beautiful. I cannot seem to go beyond. The picture and the verse complement each other beautifully and encompass such a sea of emotions that I am rather overwhelmed. One of your best posts, D.

  2. Thanks for the great comments! While I only had a short time with the ocean it made a huge impact on me like nothing else has since. Everything seems so much relaxing yet intense at the same time. The poems and stories here along with the pictures sparked so many memories and I’m know there will be more to come if Meg is willing…

    1. The ocean is a master at manipulating our emotions! And you are more than welcome to share your words here 🙂

  3. Love this post. The picture captured so many emotions in me that words can’t express. (This is my personal favorite picture of yours to date, Meg.) The poem is beautiful and I think David did a great job expressing feeling with words. Would love to see more from him.

    1. Hi Charlotte! I’m happy to know I was able to elicit emotions through my work.. and of course David has written a beautiful poem. Hope you are doing well! I’ve been reading through your posts and glad to see you opening up again..

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