365photos 2011, Life in India, musings

that’s how it is these days..
changes that I can feel
but not see..
nor understand..
just a sense of motion
and flow..


18 thoughts on “flux..

  1. That’s what I call a violent yellow! I love the colour enhancement Dhaami. 😀
    What’s with dresses that flow? They make a picture stunning. 😀

      1. I guess I spent so much time living a boring, repetitive life, that when I finally had the freedom and the chance to break free, I never looked back. I enjoy the feeling of not knowing where life will take me next, what will expect me in the future; it’s a sensation of possibility, of surprise. If you think about it, it’s a lot like grabbing the camera and heading out looking for new adventures. Life can be such an exhilarating adventure! Just let go and enjoy the ride!

  2. Ooh, ooh, ooh…I LOVE this one! The colors, the motion, the women and the angles! What a beautiful shade of yellow…makes me want one. What are they called?

    1. gimme your address and I’ll send you one! 🙂 The lady in yellow on the left is wearing a saree which is a traditional garb. It’s a 5 metre length of fabric usually in various textures and prints and with intricate embroidery work done, draped around differently in different parts of India. The girl on the left is wearing a salwaar kameez which is similar to the long length tunics which were quite the rage in the US in the past year or so, worn with either legging style pants or harem style pants (this outfit is very comfy and popular with the younger generation)

      1. Yes! Saree…that’s it. Could not remember the word. I’m a dress kinda girl and these are just beautiful. I’ve wanted one for a while and when I tell people they first ask me if I would actually wear it in public and when I reply, “Absolutely.” they look at me like I’m crazy. But I care not. 🙂 So very sweet of you to offer to send me one, wow. I’m pretty sure I could find one here, I just haven’t really looked. But if I can’t or don’t find one that excites me such as the ones pictures here, I’ll take you up on that offer and send you some money. (And you could take more pics of your shopping excursion…love your work and your eye for living art.)

      2. of course! let me know anytime.. and maybe I should do a photo shoot while shopping one of these days..

  3. Beautiful balance of colors in diagonal flow across the line of engines. Great moment to see and expand in words and light.

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