snooze time

365photos 2011, photography


13 thoughts on “snooze time

  1. What a gorgeous dog. I love the light on him. I just read the comment by Deboshree – how funny that you both know this dog…what a small world. I wish I knew him. 🙂

  2. Dhaami! I know that doggie. 😀 Isn’t this the Crossword near ICC Trade Towers in Pune? Every time I walked by, the dog would raise his head and I would occasionally feed him a biscuit or so. He may be very. very sleepy but is extremely adorable. You just made hm famous!
    😀 😀

    1. are you kidding?! Yes I was sitting on the wall outside Crossword when he walked by sleepily and curled up near my foot.. and I took many photos ..very beautiful eyes he had 🙂 ha! strange world

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