Does this bother you as much as it bothers me?

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Not trying to make any social commentary but frankly I was appalled to see this image on a pair of men’s flipflops in a store front..


17 thoughts on “Does this bother you as much as it bothers me?

  1. first of all iD is not a mens only brand. and looking at the size label printed on it, this particular one is more likely to be for ladies!

    1. I agree that iD is not a men’s only brand. However these were definitely mens slippers ..maybe the smallest size. But the point is whether it was for men or women, I simply do not agree with putting images like these on shoes.

  2. Hmmm, to be frank, i don’t think many are perverted enough to buy these just for the heck of it, if they do, i’m sure they would just for the innovation part of it.. Although, depicting this on footwear sounds a little out of the box 🙂

    1. I’ll have to say I’m disappointed to hear that Shiju. Would you mind sharing why it did not bother you? You have a little kid..don’t you think exposing young kids to images and ideas like these will allow them to think of women as some object to be worn at his feet?

      1. I would only bother if any act is committed with the sole intention or motive to hurt. I believe, this is not such a case. I like that product for its innovative design and beauty.
        We can’t help hurting the sensibilities of someone or the other as you might have read in the “Billu Barber” case. Ethics and morality is relative to the norm’s of one’s culture. Yes, I have a little kid and I would not like to hide the realities of the world from him. He will be given adequate education of rights and wrongs. Ultimately, as an individual, he will have every right to chose his rights and wrongs.

  3. They produce such stuff here? Really? :O
    I cannot believe anyone will be perverted enough to enjoy these whatever – slippers. Or you never know. There must be for no one will produce goods that don’t have a target audience.

    1. Yes! and it is an Indian brand for crying out loud. They cut-out swear words and kissing scenes on English channels but this on the streets is ok. Warped sense of decorum our country has..

  4. I was going to click the like button and then I thought it might be miss interpreted. Where are those items produced ? I would think/hope that if they showed up in Canada or the UK the news media would have a field day. If I can find more information on the company and the product I’ll do a post on my media literacy blog.

    1. What I found more maddening was this is an Indian footwear brand called ID footwear claiming a cult status among college going kids. This coming from a country which rides on it’s high horse of culture and tradition. Women have been used in marketing of all sorts of products..but the implication here was simply too much for my sensibilities..

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