The anticipation of something new..

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And as promised, while I slog away in the corporate world, you get to read the hope filled words of Ayushi who writes breathtaking poetry

When she emailed saying she wanted to write a poem on one of my photos, I was very pleased, not only because she is a great writer but also because she is my very first blog reader (apart from my dear sister) from the days when my stats used to say 0,0,0,1,0,5 in any given week. And I’m glad she has not stopped visiting even after 2 years 🙂
Give it up for her..

There’s this feeling you get
Fleeting, momentary,
But always there
Just before you turn a corner
Just before you cross your doorstep
Just before jump off a cliff
Just before you take that leap of faith
Just before you step into the light
And out of that dark indecisiveness
That was holding you back.

Remember that feeling?
You hold in your breath,
You’re totally still
With a million thoughts running furiously around your head
The anticipation builds,
You slowly summon up the courage
You let out a whoosh of breath
You close your eyes
And then you leap.
Leaving the rest up to fate.

The adrenaline kicks in,
You feel exhilaration
Novelty, curiosity, lightness.
There’s the smell of freedom
All around you.
The sense of having stepped into
Something new.
A new you?
A new life?
A new road?
A new day?
A new home?
A new love?
It is that one feeling
That helps you cross the threshold
And takes you into something new.
It is powerful
And beautiful
And courageous,
This feeling.
It is quite unlike any other.
It is what makes you take that blind leap of faith –
The anticipation of something new.

-Aayushi Mehta


7 thoughts on “The anticipation of something new..

  1. There must be something in the name Aayushi. I know three by that name and all are amazing poetesses. 😀
    This one is splendid too and the image captures an entire whirlwind of emotions.
    I love your guest blogging concept D. 😀

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love this post. The photograph captures my curiousity, the poem is perfect with this, what a beautifully written poem. I am going to email myself this post – so that I can look at it, read the words to encourage me to take those steps. I instantly had goosebumps when I looked at the photo, I then had goosebumps upon goosebumps when I started to read the poem, as it rang so true to me. Thank you so much for this beautiful post and to your friend for writing such beautiful poetry.

  3. I absolutely love this post..both the picture and the poem. The timing couldn’t be better and that feeling is a great reminder to what awaits beyond the fear.

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