sunshine to rain again..

365photos 2011, Life in India

life keeps taking somersaults..
one of my friends maintains that life is a series of repeated events or processes. I vehemently argued with him the first time..because I wanted to believe in a purpose..of some highly romantic idea..
but I guess he was right..
in the mean while exciting or repetitive, life is still beautiful..

friends sharing an umbrella..

some leaves soaked in the rain..


12 thoughts on “sunshine to rain again..

    1. Thank you! and I havent managed to learn photoshop yet..this was from behind a car window while it was pouring outside so I guess I was lucky 🙂

  1. I love your monsoon shots! The first one is brilliant. I haven’t picked up my camera in ages, but you make me wanna go out and start clicking 🙂

    1. Please do so soon.. I’m waiting for your photo posts 🙂 And thank you! experiencing the monsoon after a looong time and loving it!

  2. The umbrella capture is amazing. I love the colours, the water, the mist. Its supremely beautiful and transports me right away to under a rainy sky.

  3. The leaves look great with the depth of filed and the subdued colours, I really like that shot. The umbrella shot is awesome too!

    1. mine too! thank you 🙂 and even though I haven’t been commenting, I’m reading and loving all your posts.. and I am loving that you are finally taking photos!

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