365photos 2011, photography, randomness

I’m copying Kieran today but with a silly poll..
the hectic running around of the past few days is catching up making me feel uninspired and hating all my photos..
burn out seems to be on it’s way again..


5 thoughts on “

  1. I really like the first one: it almost looks sepia. The last one reminds me of an old 1960’s Life magazine photo – something about the choice of subject and the colour saturation. I have two questions about the second shot.

    Is that a plane or a UFO in the lower right corner of the sky ?

    Could you turn it to a dramatic B & W like those in your earlier post ?

    Continue enjoying the joys of life !

    1. that is a huge compliment..that it reminded you of a magazine shot ;0 and i think that spot is probably a spot on the car window. these were all taken while moving..

      and i am definitely going to convert it to a black and white shot.. . thank you sooo much for stopping by to comment

  2. Beautiful pictures Dhaami…I could do with a lot more of these. There is something about the blue skies that fill your heart and mind… and they are wonderfully uplifting too! Keep it up. 😀

  3. I’ll leave my vote here because it’s too long. It goes as follows: You’re very silly, your pictures are beautiful, I just want to see some more blue skies. It keeps being gray here!

    1. thank you.. and i’m glad to hear that but unfortunately it’s gone gray here as well..monsoon has hit in its full force

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