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clever little word , isn’t it? abstract..something that makes no sense can be happily termed abstract but then who decides what makes sense anyways..
sorry..no intentions of being rambly..

I thought I have been going on and on about the move and you guys are simply fantastic leaving me wonderful and supportive comments even when I’m away.. I totally love you all! So thought I’d let you know why it is a big deal..

well those living in western countries inevitably leave their parents’ homes and move on in life but in India the number of people who do that is fairly low..girls lower still..
so when I decided to move to a foreign country for studying, about a decade ago, it had created a bit of a situation to convince my rather conservative family.. I mean girls are supposed to get married ..not go off and live alone in unknown places.. at least not in my family..

but I wanted to experience life..and freedom..and I did. It is wonderful. But about a year ago I decided it was time for a change and just like that I left a lucrative job and a cushy lifestyle in the US to return to India. That was hard work in itself..and now a year later I moved back to my home town to live with my family after about 9 and a half years ..for no particular reason other than I wanted to.

So it’s not just a change of house..it’s a change of city , a new job and move into my very first owned apartment.

Change is exciting..

no..this is not my house. it’s just an abstract shot of a pretty blue door


16 thoughts on “abstract..

  1. Hey, this is no abstract. Great textures. Indigo color is so seeped with indian ethos. No wonder why! So loved the colors. here.

    Do check out the website link above – am working on a portfolio site for myself. This one still work in progress. Will remain so i guess. lol anyways – tell me how you like it.

    Your story is interesting.. not sure how I would have done it if i was in your place. But glad you are doing what you want to .. rather than have to.

    1. Thank you! And to think it is taken in an industrial area.. the door belongs to an engineering factory.

      I liked your portfolio site..some truly fantastic shots. And love the fact that it is fast loading. I usually don’t like portfolio sites because they are difficult and slow to browse. But this one is great! Hope you finish it.

      And as for doing things I want, I’m blessed with a supportive set of parents.

    1. Thank you Ayushi! And once you are a famous doc it will be our turn to be a little bit jealous ..its just a matter of time (I’m rather old:D)

  2. Beautiful. I love the door, the pipes, the lights, the constrats in colours. 9 years is a very long time. I’m so happy for you and may your new home bring you lots of happiness and fond memories. 🙂

    1. Thank you Samantha for your lovely wishes! I hope so too 🙂 And so happy you noticed all the bits in this composition!

  3. Love the pic, hope you settle into your new job and apartment soon, 9 years is a long time to eb away from home. Well done on owning your own apartment. I moved out when I was 17 and I can only dream of owning my own place!

    1. being on your own at 17 is truly inspiring.. I’d have been lost then! And I’m pretty sure you will have one of your own soon. and thank you!

  4. Cheers for the courage, Dhaami! I haven’t moved out of my parent’s house yet (in my case the issue is money; I want to graduate from college before I get a full time job, and only then will I earn enough to live on my own). I dream of the day when I’ll be on my own, depend on myself, make my own money… Independence is great. Having the courage to go for what we want is great, too. And so is this photo!

    1. Oh you will Belen! I stayed at home till I completed my bachelors degree as well. And yes being on your own is the best way to know your complete and true potential. It also makes us realize the real value of our parents and all that they do to make us self sufficient. Thank you!

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