come join me for some tea..

365photos 2011, flower photography

..and if you prefer coffee, we can have that too

finally moved in the new house though my stuff is still somewhere on the road.. every year I promise myself that this is the last move and yet every year the same story repeats.
I have been reading up most of everybody’s posts and loving them..sorry for not commenting yet but I will be visiting soon enough.
Meanwhile please don’t desert me yet πŸ™‚

the first thing I set up was a coffee table with flowers and thought let’s have a cuppa..


18 thoughts on “come join me for some tea..

  1. Congratulations on your move! I hope you will be very happy where you now call home. I love this photo! The orchids are beautiful and I love the alarm clock. Really lovely.

  2. Your house looks really pretty and sunny. Enjoy your stay there.

    I’m sure you’ll be moving again though, definitely. You’ve lived at so many houses? I have never moved, I can’t imagine what that would feel like!

    1. ha! moving is good fun when one is younger..the excitement of a new city, new people and new work is more than enough. This time I think I want to stay put.. kinda tired now πŸ™‚
      and yeah it is very sunny! a main requirement for me

  3. I’ve never moved in my life, but my sympathies anyway, I’m pretty sure it can’t be comfortable having your stuff away.
    I love this shot! Lighting, composition, colors and angles, they’re all great! I think your new home is welcoming you :).

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