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Beauty is everywhere.

It is all real.

It is all there.

It is the wrinkles in grandma’s hand.

It is the twinkle in the eyes of the little lad.

It is the starkness of Death valley.

It is the tear stained stories of a street alley.

It is the glass of water on a hot day.

It is the torn soles of a construction worker.

It is the sweat on Dad’s forehead.

It is the pat on the back.

It is the encouraging smile of a kindly boss.

It is the rain after a long summer.

It is the warm day after a biting winter.

It is the sound of bells in a temple.

It is the quiet breaths of a church.

It is the path seldom followed.

It is the road to the city where everyone goes.

It is the dimple of the girl next door.

It is the laughter of the guys on the road.

It is the angst ridden poem of a teenager.

It is the contented sigh of a mother.

It is the scream of ecstacy of a lover.

It is the spilt blood of a soldier.

It is the soft skin of a baby.

It is the purr of a kitten.

It is the roar of a lion.

It is the eeriness of the forest at night.

It is the calm of the sea at low tide.

Beauty is you.

Beauty is me.

** Written as a part of the Dove and Yahoo Real Beauty Contest at Indiblogger. To vote and read other views on Real Beauty, go here. Usually paranoid about my creative abilities, this was one more step in overcoming that fear. Your comments, suggestions and critique is really appreciated.

Also check out Yahoo! Real Beauty, the one stop shop for all things beautiful and related to making yourself beautiful πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “Beauty

    1. πŸ™‚ I am nothing in front of your poetry Ayushi! So thank you so much for saying that ..
      that line is quite close to my heart too

    1. Nikhil! Thank you .. is nacheez ke liye waqt nikalne ke liye aur ashirwad dene ke liye..dhanyawad πŸ™‚

  1. I loved the way you brought together different shades of love, longing, pain and innocence to define beauty. Lovely, lovely little poem. (I have no idea what the little paranoid note at the end is about.)
    All the best for the contest! πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you D! And when there are entries like yours I’m to bilkul nacheez. I’m glad you like

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