Easy Canvas Prints – A Review


Recently I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints (the link opens in a new tab/window ) to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products. Easy Canvas Prints is a service which allows you to design and order canvas prints of photos, pictures, illustrations etc. As usual I took the longest time to decide which photo I wanted converted into a canvas and finally went with one of the sunflowers I took recently.

The caveat is they are based in the United States and offer shipping within the US only. So I decided to get it shipped to my sister who is currently living there with her husband. I did the ordering process but special thanks to her for the photos and actual product review πŸ™‚

(The white that you see in the leaves is the reflection of the flash and not on the actual print)

The best thing about their website is how easy it is to design your print and customize it.
First I went to the website and clicked on the ‘Start Designing Now’ button.
You select your canvas size (I chose 16 x 20 inches) and how thickly you want the image wrapped (I chose gallery wrap – 1.5 inch).

On the next step you upload your image. The upload was fairly quick in spite of my huge 4 MB file which is a great thing.
I think they prefer higher resolution files and can go up to max 20 MB but based on your print size they let you know whether your file will sustain printing without loss of resolution.
Once you’ve uploaded your image, you choose the border. There are several options (including wrapping an image around the corners or choosing a color for your border), but I chose the mirror wrap option, which extends the picture around the sides in a mirror image.
You can also adjust the printable area if needed. The preview option allows you to see how your print will look and you can make any adjustments to size if necessary. I cropped out a smaller flower from the photo and decided to keep just one after the preview.

Finally, you select image options. You can turn a color photo into black and white or sepia, and you can have minor or major retouching done. I did not choose any retouching since my image was already processed the way I wanted. But it’s a great option to have.

Once you’ve completed those four steps, then off to checkout! Easy peasy πŸ™‚

The shipping was fast, took about 4 days I think. Packing was carefully done to protect the delicate canvas and the wooden frame.
Canvas quality is great and color rendering is true to original. The yellow has come out nice and cheerful, just the way I was hoping.
The overall experience was great and I’m in love with the outcome and thinking of actually getting some more prints made.

(Canvas texture detail)

The company has another website called ‘Build-a-sign’ which provides business solutions like banners and custom prints as well as photo prints on other media. If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog page, you should see links for both the websites.

Disclaimer: We were provided one canvas print in exchange for a review. All of the opinions expressed above are our own.


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