life feels like

365photos 2011, photography, randomness

know the feeling?


6 thoughts on “life feels like

  1. Nice composition ! We could have used some pegs, our dryer is on the fritz with a part on back order. Once the rain stopped and we got some sunshine and warm weather we were spreading the wash over lawn furniture and railings. Fortunately the birds stayed away.

    1. Thanks! And I’ll be happy to send them on to you 🙂 and lucky for you the birds stayed away..they seem to be attracted the whitest of them

  2. You stole my idea! LOL. Oh well, your pegs are a lot nicer than mine, and I never got around to taking the right picture.
    I love this composition and whatever you’ve done in post-processing. As for the feeling, yes, I know it. I’ve been the yellow peg all my life :).

    1. ha! I’m sorry..didn’t steal it on purpose! and thank you 😀 And I know how it feels to be the yellow peg

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