a day’s work

365photos 2011, Life in India, photography

kids at a traffic intersection. They are made to beg by families or by some ‘benefactor’ who takes care of them in return if they are orphans. They have a daily quota which they need to earn else their miserable lives face further misery. I try offering them food but they rarely accept in fear of a beating no matter how hungry they are.

These two were chatting happily like any other kids their age. Then the light went red and they had to be off to work..

PS: Pardon the picture quality since I carry my point and shoot to work and they were a bit beyond the range of its zoom.


8 thoughts on “a day’s work

    1. 😦 yep..I almost didn’t post them thinking it might be considered exploitative but even in their circumstances they were laughing and smiling..it just broke my heart

  1. It’s such a shame. I’ve heard of this sort of thing before, sadly it goes on in many places. Great shots, though, you capture the moment really well, and the picture quality is fine!

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