Three a crowd..

365photos 2011, photography

..or three a party?

to celebrate the very well received dark side of me, let’s have some cherries, cheese and wine..

are you glad it’s Friday?


9 thoughts on “Three a crowd..

  1. I love the vibrant red and the contrast against the green stem. The reflection’s awesome, too. Great composition! And never mind the focus, we all mess up every now and then. That’s how we learn!

  2. Nice shot, I love the reflections. I’m loving Friday because it means one more day of work and then my day off!

      1. I did yeah thanks, my Friday the 13th was uneventful and I had a great time catching up with friends, and spent all day Sunday doing nothing, it was awesome!

  3. liked the compose…. only if the focus was on the cherries! Ek Gammat, photo 180degree rotate karun bagh kasa distoy te…

    1. damn! I was hoping nobody would notice the focus :p But yes you are right, I messed up the focus because my hand was too shaky for manual focus and ambient light was too low to allow auto focus with the shutter speed I had. And will try the 180 degree 🙂

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