Fleeting moments of beauty..

365photos 2011, Life in India, photography

as I look on
the world fly by
what the hell
happened to you

Sorry for the bad rhyme. This beautiful lady was waiting at the road side while I was at the traffic signal. Her calm manner made an impression on me and I was hoping to catch a glimmer of a smile or change in her expression..
instead she gave me this..
and even that simple movement of hers had so much grace..
i hope she has someone who appreciates her beauty..

16 thoughts on “Fleeting moments of beauty..

  1. good one again..
    though all eyes on the lady….i couldnt miss the guy in the whites…turning around..

    from the title i thought u made a story betn the two..!!
    if u didnt i made it for sure..

    1. Thank you! hehe..and yes I did notice the guy turning back but didn’t really connect the two 🙂

    1. Thanks Ambika! that is a compliment I like to hear .. but sometimes photos just beg to be taken without me doing anything 🙂

  2. I love the motion captured in this shot, and the earthy tones this woman’s wearing. The way you’ve captured her makes her look mysterious, and makes me wonder what she’s thinking and where she’s going.

    1. Thank you Belen! and I felt the same about this woman. It was a very ordinary scene with her looking across the street waiting for her husband but somehow her expression made me stop and notice her

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tracy! I appreciate the kind words.. and I was lucky to be at the right moment with the camera on 🙂

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