Aqua revisited

365photos 2011, photography

Bear with me guys.. 🙂

any better?

Yesterday’s shots are here.


16 thoughts on “Aqua revisited

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  2. You’re sooo wrong, Dhaami. It’s not “bear with me”, it’s “enjoy with me.” These are GREAT. I love the shapes and the colors; it looks as if you added glitter to the water. What did you use as a background in the second shot?

    1. Thanks Belen ! 🙂 And the glitter is because of the flash.. (I hate using flash unless absolutely necessary and never on landscapes or portraits) For the second shot, the background is my red window curtain..the reflections and shades are due to the sun and plants outside the window.

    1. Thanks Robert! I was happier with these than the prior ones.

      these were at f1.8, 1/500 sec, ISO 200, hand-held with on-camera flash fired (I don’t have any external flashes). Oh and the most important is I shot them in RAW. I think I am going to exclusively shoot in RAW from now on…such fantastic control over the tone and settings!

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