In the garden..

365photos 2011, memories, photography

I’m staying with my parents this week.. it’s been a while or rather a few years that I spent such quiet time at home with no plans and doing absolutely nothing. It’s peaceful and I am spending a lot of time in our little garden.. which holds a lot of memories for me.. memories that had collected cobwebs and needed cleaning up..

of helping grandma collect flowers for her daily puja (worship).. she did these rituals sometimes like offering a 1000 ‘parijat’ flowers in a day.. so it would be me and my sister collecting them and counting..

of lying down on the swing at night dreaming lofty dreams thinking I could conquer the world while counting stars..

of talking to the palm trees and asking them the solution to all my ‘world-shattering’ teenage problems.. I seriously believed they listened. I still believe that.

of the summer afternoons spent playing board games and hopscotch in the yard..

I spent some time last night lying on the swing and staring at the stars. trying to will myself to dream those dreams..of a knight in shining armor who would sweep me to a place of joy.. or being a famous astronomer or creating beautiful art that brought tears to others.. and all i could think was that my back was hurting from the hard metal..



18 thoughts on “In the garden..

    1. Hi Ambika! Swings are such an inevitable part of our childhoods, isn’t it? I am glad to hear you like it ..thank you 🙂

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