Where does the love go?

365photos 2011, photography, randomness, Thinking out loud

When you part ways..
with someone you loved
for years and years..
where does the love go?
I always wonder..
is there a place somewhere
where it all gets collected
to then be distributed
to those who don’t get any
because you cannot destroy matter
or energy
and love..
..is energy


8 thoughts on “Where does the love go?

  1. I guess this is what I’ve been trying to figure out. What to do with it when the outlet, or giver/recipient leaves. Feels like it’s just hanging in the air with no direction, lost, waiting.

    And then I realized that’s OK. That you don’t have to DO anything with it but hold it in your hand (heart).

    Read something somewhere the other day about love being like sand. When you try to clench your fist around it, it flows out and you lose it, but if you just hold it there, it remains.

    So I will hold it and keep it with me, it was a gift I was given and gave that I choose to accept. The gift was love, not the person, for you can never own a person.

    I am grateful.

    1. that’s a perfect analogy..it is like sand and the harder we try to hold on the faster it slips away. And yes we cannot own a person, heck we barely own ourselves..
      but getting to the point of peace with unrequited love and accepting its existence while at the same time making space for new loves is a hard thing..something I’m still struggling with

      1. What’s working for me is simply the passage of time and also focusing on myself (my wants and needs) instead of him, instead of the why. And also focusing on the reality of the relationship instead of the fantasy (what could have been). But the number one most crucial ingredient for me is building up my self-esteem, and the higher it gets, the less important is some guy who obviously doesn’t value me. Regardless of the words I bought into, the actions say otherwise. And I deserve better than that. And so do you.

        Love and Light,

      2. Yeah self esteem is very important but the most important thing you said is focussing on the reality rather than the fantasy. More often, the possibility a person shows clouds my judgement of who they are in reality which just results in me getting hurt. But time is a healer 🙂

    1. ‘love makes sharing the sublime possible’… I am in love with that line. Thank you for your comment! And for introducing me to your blog 🙂 Hope to see you again here.

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