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He came down through green fields
On the summer side of life
His love was ripe
There were no illusions
On the summer side of life..

-Gordon Lightfoot

Summer has started with full blown energy here in the northern parts of India even though most of the northern hemisphere celebrates the onset of spring. And people… it’s hot hot hot hot. It makes me jumping, raving mad at the thought of the next few scorching months of no relief. I used to love summers until I met this city.

All my life summer was my favorite season..
Because it meant long days and short nights..
books read while being horizontal (read lazy) for days on end..
crunchy juicy watermelons..
fire flies..
balmy evening walks..
beautiful sunsets..
rummy with the family at night after dinner
sleeping under the stars on the terrace..
the smell of grass..
wild blooming Gulmohar trees..
ocean side drives
outdoor movies
long drives
fruity drinks

and now? all it means is 48 degrees Celsius with staying indoors all the time 😦

How is your summer going to be?

4 thoughts on “Summer

  1. My summer’s going to be hot, sweaty, and tiresome!

    I really just can’t figure out what’s in that photo of yours? :S

    You seem to have had the best summers ever! My school-day summers were mostly about devouring all the libraries within walking distance from my house 😀

    1. 🙂 Its a canary melon (from the ‘kharbuja’ family) cut in half.. bright yellow matching the sunlight . And well summers in cities like Pune, Philly and Orange county are really really wonderful as compared to Delhi and Bombay.. I feel your pain!

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