Just another day..

365photos 2011, Life in India, randomness

This post a day project makes it glaringly and painfully obvious how humdrum our daily life really is..
Trying to inject a little bit of change, novelty or even wonder in each day by means of this project also is really hard sometimes. But at the same time, I have started noticing so many things around me. Yes, it gets annoying to people who are with me that I look at everything as a photo op but in my mind, I am looking at it as something worth recording..no matter how minor it seems..

This guy was tied to two ropes around his back and legs and he was cleaning the glass panes of my office building. Usually motor trolleys are used to carry these guys alongside the buildings, but maybe they were on strike..

This particular image was in my head for a few days now. Looking down from my office space in the lobby below.. this scene always makes me feel warm inside. Around 10.30 am people start gathering for a snack..a little gupshup..to read the newspaper..the morning sunlight, the orange chairs, the aroma of coffee and the comfortable atmosphere always has a calming effect on me. Feels like all iz well with the world..

8 thoughts on “Just another day..

  1. Window wala photo… nice perspective… its difficult to get the exposure of this one right… but anyways you like darkness 😛

    1. thank you:) Its not that I like darkness.. I just edited it to make the silhouette of the hanging guy sharper. The exposure was unfortunately not in my control since the photo is taken by an automatic point and shoot which does not have a manual mode.

  2. I love your observations. The Coffee area is a great shot and conveys the feelings as you described but i pick the guy on the rope photograph – its a solid composition – beautiful exposure and light, very sharp silhouette. I will only crop out the bottom part

    1. 🙂 I know that scene exactly! Except I make everyone wait for me till I get all sorts of weird angles and lighting

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