The Yellow Line

365photos 2011, photography

gotcha! πŸ˜€
well I was on the yellow line of the Delhi Metro..
My friend challenged me to take interesting shots while on the train.

How did I do?

People shots are always fun in India. Everyone automatically poses when a lens is pointed at them.. Here I thought I was being discreet and yet..

Not much..except his expression was a mixture of contempt, boredom, questions ..

too bright because it was noon..but trying to capture the curve of the rail just as we were exiting Gurgaon..

Some station.. If this one is discovered I might be sent to jail since photography is prohibited inside the stations. The guard made me delete all photos except those taken from the train..

26 thoughts on “The Yellow Line

  1. I love the snaps…Kick ass work…Stumbled upon your blog through IndiBlogger…

    Very interesting snaps…You should have taken one with motion blur as well…I think those sort of snaps are cool…

    Suggestion…Y don’t you take snaps of everything you see in a day and chronicle it as a day in your life…

    1. Whoa! Thanks a lot! And yeah I do want to try motion blur..I need to stop being lazy and haul my tripod up there one of these days. And nice idea about taking photos of a day in my life.. I might take that up soon πŸ™‚

  2. I love this first picture and that’s what struck me was that they were all looking at you! It reminded me of your other picture of the guys in the street playing.

    Why is it illegal to take pictures in a station? That seems odd to me and I can’t imagine the reasoning for this.

    1. πŸ™‚ Isn’t it amazing how they always do that? Gotta love people! And it’s illegal because of the terror alert on all public places in all metropolitan areas in India currently. It’s a sad state of affairs but living in fear has become commonplace..

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