Happy Holi!

365photos 2011, Self

May this Holi burn out the bad and bring in the good!

Holi is about colors.. about love..about friends and family and laughter and sweets! There’s a bon fire.. you put in grievances and bad thoughts and burn it all out. And from the ashes you hope for a fresh start..

(That’s the theme of my amateur drawing of a phoenix rising from the ashes and flames somehow relating to Holi..In my defense, we were given crayons and chart paper.. But hey I won 3rd place 😉 )


7 thoughts on “Happy Holi!

    1. It’s not really religious. Got a legend asosciated with it. You know what, let me write a post on the history of Holi 🙂

  1. The drawing is sweet, and hilarious.

    But if I tried to draw a phoenix, I think it would have resembled a monster with an unidentifiable shape, so then 😉

    Hope you had a great Holi!

    1. lol! You are sweet and I know you are saying that to make me feel better! but it’s working, thank you 🙂

      1. No, I am serious! Do you want me to draw a phoenix and send it to you? You’ll probably laugh everytime you see me (virtually) after that! 😀

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