The Lotus Temple

365photos 2011, photography, Travel

One of the most visited monuments in the world, it’s supposed to get higher number of visitors than the Eiffel Tower. It’s one of the places of worship for the Bahai religion, which is an open religion and accepts devotees from any walk of life. Beautiful building with an amazing sense of calm inside. I had the good luck to be there at the time of prayer. People are supposed to be quiet inside. No sermons or preaching or instruments are allowed. A lady sang a prayer and her voice filled the arches and reverberated bringing goose bumps.. It was some experience.


16 thoughts on “The Lotus Temple

  1. well, you reminded me….. tht it’s been a long time since i visited the Lotus temple…..

    also, it was visible from my school’s terrace too…. 🙂

  2. It is indeed a beautiful building – inspired by Sydney Opera house, but still. Your photograph is beautiful silhouette , you did a wonderful job even though the sun is too harsh.

    1. Yeah I figured but didnt have time to check out if the opera house was built before this one 🙂 But thanks for the info! And thank you for visiting here !

  3. That’s a beautiful shot.
    I visited the Bahai temple in Illinois ( a year or so ago and it was breathtaking. People were whispering quietly inside but sitting there and looking up at the domed ceiling and at the inscriptions on the walls gave me a surreal feeling. Something that’s hard to describe.

    1. Thank you! I didn’t know they had these temples in the US . And I agree the feeling is kinda surreal..

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