musings, Self

honest to goodness reality is rare in life.
i crave that.
a real connection.
without the safety nets.
without the worries of judgement.
they say judge a man on how he behaves,
when no one is watching.
but when he believes in fooling himself?
then his own reality is make believe.
how is he to forge a connection.
when he is disconnected from himself?


4 thoughts on “Want..

  1. Hey, super! Look at all that emotion rushing by…so much they need to say to each other…but can only hold on.

    Sometimes there’s nothing to say…and we can only hold on and hope to make it through.

    It’s gorgeous.

    1. um..could I please borrow your imagination for a day? kthanku 😀
      Hi ..good to see you back. Hope the internet and other problems are running away fast.

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