Life is a draft..

365photos 2011, photography, Thinking out loud, Travel

.. which never becomes final. A rehearsal for a play which never goes on stage – quote from Amelie.

How is that relevant here, you ask. Well, I didn’t really like any of the photos taken today so I was looking through the archives to find anything interesting and landed on this one taken in Venice. A sudden downpour had left this square surprisingly deserted because even in the rainy weather the city was teeming with thousands. Apparently, this personification of romance for which Truman Capote had said ‘Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go’ .. this canal city which was built on marshes in the 10th century ..with its defiantly intricate and stunning architecture and dying. In a couple hundred years, there may be no Venice…

4 thoughts on “Life is a draft..

    1. Yeah.. I didn’t mean to sound ominous or anything though 🙂 Was only trying to point out the transitory nature of every beautiful thing in life..

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