what’s that now?

365photos 2011, photography, Self


8 thoughts on “what’s that now?

  1. …but madam, you ARE having a good week aren’t you? Another gorgeous one, this time, very film. Right up my alley.Well framed and enigmatic,yes! Who is she? What has happened? Is she looking at life or death? Certainly she is looking in love. You expect her to speak….

    1. Whoa Kenny.. Thanks for making a girl happy!

      Who is she? certainly not the me I know.. I chose the focus but not the expression.. she’s not looking at death yet.. maybe life.. maybe hopeful for new beginnings.. maybe trying not to burst into laughter.. let’s hope she speaks and tells her story..

      And yeah..even I love the effect of film so try to add grain whenever I can. Never got the opportunity to experiment much with film. Would be very proud of myself the day I manage to get this image using film!

    1. Thanks Mike.. I was going for the effect of ‘smile..it makes people wonder what you’re upto’ 😀 But enigmatic is so much better!

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