365photos 2011, photography

If you ask me what I’m trying to say, I won’t be able to explain..
The question is what is the answer..

About the photo:
The Venetian store owner who sold me the mask tells me that the face is of the character Pierrot from Commedia dell’arte (Art of Comedy) an improvisational art form with origins in Northern Italy. Pierrot is the sad melancholy clown who is kind, charming, makes you laugh but always gets taken advantage of..
The background is just me testing my new oil colors.


6 thoughts on “Conflict..

  1. Oh, absolutely! You go girl, it’s fantastic. That is just beautiful, both on the heart, and in content…something like the tragic clown! In fact dhammi, I’m writing something on a clown (it’s giving me a hard time) so I might use this later! Link and credit of course..

    It really is breath-taking…very, very nice.

    1. Kenny, You cannot do that! I was happily sitting thinking no one knew what I meant 🙂
      And please go ahead and use if you feel it’s right. I look forward to reading your piece!

      And thank you so very much for your comment.

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