People who bring me chocolates are alright

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My life officially sucks this week! And I realize I’ve said that at least 3 times in the past 6 weeks. Posting daily pulls a magnifying glass over our life.. and it can be surprisingly.. well mundane. Anywho.. working 14 hour days is taking a toll. Have you ever felt unnecessarily angry wanting to burst into tears when actually nothing sad has happened. Please don’t say hormones. I’ll kick anyone who says hormones! I haven’t checked my favorite bloggers..haven’t even checked email.. haven’t done laundry ..not unpacked from last weekend yet and not had a decent home cooked meal in a week!

Ok end of rant.
The weekend is near.
cause enough to cheer..
send me love… and chocolates if you are so inclined

7 thoughts on “People who bring me chocolates are alright

  1. Let’s do something new this weekend, you and I!
    Forget unpacking, forget work, forget everything…for just an hour or so. Want to?

    I know, you’re there and I’m here. Thousands of miles apart, never having met, just “met” through shared bits and pieces of our lives online but we can always do something together in spirit.

    Idea A: Go to a thrift store and find something you absolutely LOVE! Doesn’t matter if you have any need for it or if it’s “useful,” but you have to LOVE it. ( I know you’ve recently done this, but you inspired me…it’s been a while since I’ve done it.) Take a picture of new treasure and write a post about why you love it.

    Idea B: Go to a coffee shop, order your drink of choice, bring a notepad and sit for an hour at least, more if desired and just observe. Then write about anything interesting you witnessed.

    Idea C: Anything else that you’d rather do, any idea that you might like to try.

    And anyone else reading this who’d like to participate…

    Love and Light,
    “Lilly” ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Those were great ideas and I so wish I was around this weekend to actually implement them. But it was very busy so that I did not have access to even email for 3 straight days. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sorry about that! Can we have the next weekend?

      1. Wow. I just assumed you’d have the weekend. And I ended up catching the flu that Sunday and was sick all week. Missed this past weekend too. But if you still would like to do a “joint” post, I’m now feeling better and will hopefully be energetic by this next weekend!

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