The paradoxes of modern life..

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This is a common mode of transport found in north Indian cities. These guys pull all that weight all day long .. in winters and summers. More often than not they are poor enough to not afford living quarters and sleep on the roads. This was one of the few guys I see who was fully clothed. They don’t even own these contraptions so they pay rent to the owners for using them, from the already meager amount they earn. Considering it is the cheapest mode of transport, people still haggle over the prices. I know I have. More often than not one ends up paying the guy what he asks for, because we feel sorry for him.
I was looking to take a photo of this cycle-rickshaw as its called, along with a Bentley which are as abundant in the city I now live in. Because that’s what the difference is in present day India.

My father argues that these are the benefits of a large democracy. A person with no resources is not out of options when it comes to earning a living towards satisfying his basic necessities. Having the freedom of thought and education provides all of us with a lot of opportunities to change our lives. And yes, I do agree with this point of view. The world is not as doomed as I make it out to be in my drama oriented mind. But at the same time I see many who are slaves to circumstances. Living in torrid conditions and barely making it from one day to the next.
No matter how free I am, if I have to spend all my days working towards two meals a day, when do I have the time and energy to make my life better?
So I cannot help but wonder, would that guy who’s bone tired every night, agree that he has options?


8 thoughts on “The paradoxes of modern life..

    1. Oh yes! You’d be amazed at the cars you see on Indian roads today. The prosperity of a city can be easily gauged through the vehicles on the roads I feel. The problem is the rich are increasing. But the poor are becoming even more redundant, reducing their options further..

  1. I really like the picture. It’s very colorful and I enjoy seeing what life in India is like. But the story is heartbreaking…no home, working just to eat. You’re right. How will he ever get ahead? It sounds like he’s a slave to that cycle (no pun intended). What about a lease-to-own way of doing business? That seems more win-win to me. As a business owner, you’d be able to buy these and have them paid off, gain happier (which equals better) employees and be doing a good thing for people. What are your thoughts?

    1. Yes Charlotte. What you say makes sense. And there are people trying to get their own business or lease these and other vehicles. Unfortunately not everyone has access or opportunity to even basic education leaving them clueless about doing anything differently. And with a population this huge, its almost impossible to help everyone….

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